Delta Week 2012

Experience the Solution: The Betterment of Oneself

The purpose of this event was to provide Truman students with a fun
interactive forum discussing various struggles people go through in everyday life. We discussed
four major topics that often plague relationships. Topics included STD’s, abortion, depression,
and spousal abuse which are based on themes from the hit experimental play by Ntzoke Shange
entitled “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf.”

Experience the Reality: Living with AIDS

Participants were thrown into a life-changing simulation that focuses
on three different eye opening activities. We shed light on the various obstacles that HIV/AIDS victims encounter. After this event, participants gained a better understanding of how people live with AIDS and what one can do to better support them.

Experience the Unity: A Truman Family Reunion

The purpose of this event was to give participants given opportunity meet new people and mingle amongst each other in a light hearted atmosphere while enjoying free food and games.

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