Delta Weekend 2012


The Political Takeover: Deltabates
-The purpose of this event was to host a mock political presidential debate in hopes of educating our student body on the campaign stances of our presidential candidates. We also provided a simulation for the presidential voting process.

The Lyrical Takeover: The Scholarship Poetry Slam
-The purpose of this event was to raise money for Y-ME National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund and to raise awareness about breast cancer and other forms of cancer in the city of Kirksville. This event was held in Pershing Arena and included music, games, basketball, candy for the children, and prizes. We encouraged our participants to dress up in their Halloween costumes!

The Sisterhood Takeover: Painting the Town R.E.D.
-The purpose of this event was to raise money for our new ongoing fundraiser, Project MAC- the first project being to buy to the MAC a new printer. We served plates of food and gathered enough money to donate to the MAC to buy their printer!Delta Week 2012

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