Delta Weekend 2013

Delta Weekend 2013 #TruthBeTold

Delta Weekend 2013

#TBT Turn Up the Heat & Lean a Helping Hand

Throughout the week, we had tables set up around campus where we collected clothing items such as hats, scarves, coats, sweaters, closed-toed shoes, gloves, etc. We also accepted monetary donations. We continued our efforts with this project by going out into the community and asking for donations and clothes. All items collected were given to The Crossing Church to give to a family in need. We raised money to purchase a heating unit for a family in need within the Kirksville community.

#TBT Don’t Take it Personal

In this event, we hoped to bring forth controversial issues to the light. We opened the floor to allow students to ask and answer hot topic questions. The purpose of this event was for students to discuss topics that were sure to take them outside their comfort zone. Our main focus was to get students to listen and understand others perspectives on various topics without becoming offended.

#TBT Get Active

In this event, we wanted to provide students with an alternative method to exercising that was both fun and active. We taught and also gave individuals the opportunity to teach slides and dance routines to an audience. We know that many people have an urge to exercise, but find it so difficult to do for various reasons, so this was a fun way to willingly get people up and active.

#TBT I’ve Got a Testimony

Everyone has a story to tell. We held a discussion based event in a comfortable setting where we allowed students to talk about their faith. We had several questions we used to lead different discussions on the topic of faith and how it has been tested thus far as a college student. We allowed students to go in depth about their personal experiences on this topic as well.